The Immortal (Series)

The Immortal  – Starring Lorenzo Lamas, April Telek and Brett Hart, The Immortal is the Matrix meets Highlander in an action-packed X-Files type of supernatural television series.  Packed with action, humor and suspense The Immortal is a timeless classic.

The Immortal  reaches a core audience of P1834 and P1849 successfully delivering the most sought after advertiser demographics.

22 one-hour episodes – USA

“I will grapple with thee for all eternity, I will seek thee out forever.  Where other men will sleep, I shall not. Time will mean nothing, for where you are, I shall go.


Therefore, an oath made in haste has become a curse and words once spoken cannot be unspoken. It is the beginning of an eternal struggle between immortal enemies. Without knowing it, Rafael has assigned himself to avenge not only the death of his family, but everyone who has ever died at the hand of Mallos. For the rest of eternity, he is destined to face all of the undead beings and supernatural forces under Mallos’ reign.