Dance Night Obsession (Film)

Dance Night Obsession - Karen Higgins, the owner of a dance studio boutique is tragically murdered by an unknown assailant leaving behind KATE HIGGINS, her twin sister to pick-up the pieces.  Kate is a professional dancer on the hit TV show, Dance Night In America.  It’s now one year later and Kate continues looking for her sister’s killer but neither she nor the police have had any success.  When Kate’s friend and other lead dancer, Teresa, is murdered Kate's entire world is thrown into a spiral of fear  behind the scenes of the hugely popular prime time television series.  But the show must go on.  Not knowing if Teresa’s murder is by a random violent fan or by the same person who killed Kate’s sister the network ramps-up the on set security but they cannot stop the events to follow.  Kate is the next focus of the predator’s harassment; she is in constant danger while he is on the hunt to put an end to Kate’s life.   Her on set security and off set police protection are not enough to discourage his continuous advances.  The pressure becomes too much and Kate leaves the show to seek safety at home - but no matter where she tries to hide, wherever she goes he finds her.  The ever-increasing security is simply not enough and the fear and pressure becomes unbearable for Kate; soon thereafter she decides not to let him destroy her life and she does what she can to stand-up to the relentless threats by returning to the show.   In an effort to take back control of her life and no longer live in fear Kate follows some clues found on the set while the police try to close in on the predator as well….but will it be soon enough to save Kate or whomever is next in the killer's path?   Someone wants Kate dead and is driven by a relentless motivation that she could never have suspected – he or she, will stop at nothing to destroy her.  Kate must now fight for her life and those she loves.